Airshare CLI Tool


Usage: airshare [OPTIONS] CODE [FILES]

  Airshare - an easy way to share content in a local network.

  CODE - An identifying code for Airshare.

  FILES - File(s) or directories to send.


  -p, --port INTEGER   Specify the port number to host a sending or receiving
                       server (default 8000).
  -t, --text TEXT      Send (serve) text content. For multiple words, enclose
                       within quotes.
  -u, --upload         Host a receiving server or upload file(s) to one.

  -cs, --clip-send     Send (serve) clipboard contents as text.

  -cr, --clip-receive  Receive served content and also copy into clipboard (if

  -fp, --file-path     Send files whose paths have been copied to the

  --help               Show this message and exit.

  --version            Show the version and exit.


  • The -t flag can be used to send text using airshare, except to a receiving server.

    $ airshare noobmaster -t "I'm still worthy!"
  • The -u flag opens an upload endpoint to receive files from multiple users who initiate a send with the same flag. This is useful to receive files from devices without CLI support - they may simply visit the endpoint URL from any browser.

    At the receiver,

    $ airshare -u noobmaster

    At the sender,

    $ airshare -u noobmaster file.txt
  • The -fp flag allows users to copy file or directory paths from the Finder or File Explorer and send them. Useful for selecting multiple files instead of typing file paths.

    Select required files and use the following shortcuts to copy file paths.

    For Mac,

    Command + Option + C

    For Windows,

    Shift + Right Click and select Copy as Path

    For Linux,

    Ctrl + C

    To send the files,

    $ airshare -fp noobmaster
  • The -cs flag allows users to directly send the clipboard contents as text.

    To send,

    $ airshare -cs noobmaster
  • The -cr flag allows users to copy the data received if clipboard compatible.

    To receive,

    $ airshare -cr noobmaster